"Psy Nomade"

Swiss non-profit Association (Article 60 et seq. Of the Swiss Civil Code), politically neutral and confessionally independent

The association pursues 2 goals:


1. To create and support psychiatric community mobile team  for people with severe mental disorders, where mental health services are extremely limited or non-existent.


2. To develop and disseminate a model of community psychiatry integrating local resources and mobile teams.​

1. Providing mental health care in the community

Home visit

Home visits for people with severe mental disorders

(support to patients and their families, psychoeducation based on biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors)

2. Establishing a partnership with local contacts

Chiefs of communes and villages

Establishment of collaboration with key persons in the community (local authorities, village and commune chiefs, police, elders, health center staff, volunteers, monks, traditional healers, pastors , teachers, families of patients)

3. Training in mental health

Basic mental health training for:


- volunteers in our project

- the staff of the mobile team

- students at  Azhar foundation Cambodia 

4. Developing a treatment model for psychosis adapted to the local social and cultural context

Recording of mobile team activities, partnership with monks and traditional healers, to promote community-based mental health services by developing an integrative model of treatment 

Français / English

WhatsApp +41 77 458 69 08

Khmer/ English +855 16 644245

Khmer +855  78 972969

Psy Mobile Team -  Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap City